AUDITCHAIN; Decentralized Continuous Audit and Reporting Protocol

Hello, crypto fans. Project Auditchain, which I will tell you today. The idea is really necessary and will be demanded. A specific decentralization will be related to the continuous control protocol. And for that matter, today’s project is a market leader, so you’re in the right place at the right time.

The company provides continuous external verification of the corporate system as well as financial data of the control system itself, as well as continuous verification of the information disclosure control environment itself.

Simply, Auditchain will provide high levels of assurance and protection to companies interested in decentralized consensus testing.

Certainly, a new economy of confidence is emerging before our eyes. The functionality of the token system will provide a new decentralized world of procurement and disclosure of information. This approach will greatly encourage modern businesses from initial certification as well as early diagnosis.

The determinant itself has the ability to unlock a range of applications, as well as open a reliable and secure network of decentralized enterprise assurance services, including Reporting Services.

What about network services?

The system token is essentially a basic currency and is also a utility during payments for the maintenance, supply, and distribution of enterprise applications. Token AUDT opens network services that provide the highest level of transparency for investors and interested parties at the expense of a fraction of the cost of traditional auditing and reporting.

If we talk about compliance, it’s worth stressing the following, then this will ensure impeccable compliance between private and public blockades. This will be followed by the reconciliation of Security, benefits and commercial payments.

For businesses, the AUDT fee can be reduced to zero due to the use of subscription revenues and the participation of businesses in a decentralized ecosystem.

With the help of a token, you can open and view all the statistics of the company audit, as well as details of financial indicators that will provide greater transparency from the company system. These specifically include Control statistics and financial indicators.

Token Details:

I would like to remind you that Auditchain wants to organize an event to produce tokens. The token is named on the AUDT and ERC — 20 Platform. Overall, 250 million AUDTS were allocated for this transaction, while 100,000,000 were allocated for sale



Auditchain is a platform that provides auditing and real-time financial reporting opportunities for digital asset assurance and financial disclosure. Auditchain plans to use node systems. Towards the end of 2019, they plan to resolve the testnet stages and fix bugs in the system. In 2020 the project will start using its own main network system. At the following links, you can find details of the project IEO in Exmarkets.

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