BatMine; Cheap GreenCrypto Mining

Mining, or rather crypto mining, may be called the procedure for introducing new coins or tokens into the existing supply in circulation, a procedure used to secure the existing coinage system. Miners often face many problems during mining. Cryptocurrency mining is very expensive due to high electricity consumption.

Batmine’s aim is to eliminate the problems that crypto money miners face. It is a blockchain based project and aims to provide better mining opportunities. Batmine’s mission is to provide a safe environment, low electricity costs, and a high hash rate that will provide more revenue. Miners usually use the Antminer S9, which is very low compared to 55 Th / s. Batmine offers miners almost twice the mining potential. BatMine will have a mixed power of 55 TH / s or higher, the latest mining technology. It uses cheap green energy to pay 4 cents per KW / h in all mining processes, resulting in more profitability for miners, lower costs for users and greater efficiency for the entire system.

The Batmine mining platform will initially provide Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum with mining, but other coins will be added later in the cryptocurrency market. Different mining equipment will perform operations with features such as life span, hash power ratio, energy use, electricity usage, easy accessibility of spare parts on damaged parts and ability to switch from mining to cryptographic currency.

Various factors will be considered before any mining center is opened and selected according to the following factors.
A cold climate is very important for mining because proper ventilation is required to prevent overheating.
A safe location is required to respond quickly to any emergency.
Mining A well-structured structure is required for the commercial mining operation. There must be a region where electricity is cheap. A region with green energy at about 4 cents per kilowatt.

Token Details:

BATM stands for Batmine token. This is a utility token created with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to be used as the standard form of payment for services on the platform. As mentioned above, there will be discounts in the cryptocurrency mining pool depending on the number of coins owned. Depending on the amount of BATM in the user’s wallet, the discount will also increase.BATM owners can vote for changes they wish to implement, be part of development planning, discuss community events and issues that arise with executive team members. The power of the vote determines the amount of BATM owned.

Token Name: Batmine

Token ticker: BTM

Platform: ERC20

Soft cap: 1 million Euro

Hard cap: 19 million Euro

Acceptable Currency: ETH

Whitelist-round: March 2019

ICO Crowd-round: March 2019


The team behind the Batmine project are well-known entrepreneurs with expertise in their business and have invested a lot of time and funds to make the Batmine project successful. The team is very successful and experienced in the technology of blockchain as well as mining.



I have no doubt that the Batmine platform will contribute to the growth of the crypto money market. It will bring a revolutionary transformation to crypto mining. BatMine is the best project for the revolution of the mining system, because a responsible team offers great opportunities along with a transparent process and environmentalist attitude. Of course, the crypto will come to a good place in the money market.

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