Causee: New Generation e-Commerce Platform

2017 was the year of the crypto coins. A large number of people understood what crypto coins brought to our world and saw the high potential of many cryptocurrencies. Thanks to Blockchain technology, the functioning of the world is changing. This revolution has the potential to pave the way for real diversity and manpower by providing access to technology, data, and control, destroying traditional power bases and institutions. In today’s technology era, the use of the Internet and the high human influx have led to a rapid rise in the adoption of e-commerce ecosystem and blockchain technology.

With the help of the internet and social media web site, customers have received many suggestions and information about products and services online. However, the use of blockchain technology was the first block-chain based e-commerce, social platform and fund-building component and led to the birth of Causee, the first gamification shopping platform in the marketplace.

The main purpose of is to revolutionize the e-commerce ecosystem by generating revenue and generating revenue through the shopping platform to causee stakeholders, employees, and communities of Causee. Causee also aims to partner with large companies in the e-commerce ecosystem; users will be able to earn cryptocurrency by investing in the causee platform.

The Causee Platform allows budget professionals to enter areas of interest and to first certify an earned share, from an intuitive shopping stage to progress. Budget experts can benefit from these rights as a basis by using various types of encryption and original reputable coins. For better and more reasonable storage of information, each token paid a quarterly payment on a salary. This makes the opportunity for theory surprising for the potential downside by holding or changing the marker.

Causee Token:

It is our goal to remove the exclusivity associated with placing assets in creative open entrances. By democratizing our phase, we are opening a portal for money experts to guarantee earnings in a first-class Web-based business gamification transaction. Monetary experts can earn these rights simply by using the distinctive types of crypto and fiat money.

To overcome insecurity, each symbol passes to a base that secures the salary every three months. These chapters make an exceptional opportunity for the hypothesis, which is fundamental to the upside by holding or exchanging the token.

Name: Causee

Ticker: BST

Network: Stellar complıant

Type: securıty

Prıce: $0.25c

Total supply: 40 mıllıon BST

Avaılable for purchase: 32 mıllıon BST

Accepted currencıes for purchase: btc, eth, xlm, ltc & fıat



Causee’s vision in action, changing the way people buy and the way they add a variety of reasons. Systems are changing the tendency of buyers to buy and pay for their efforts. The main reason for the decision of Causee is to increase the assets that have become a symbol for exchanging ideas and rewarding livelihoods to benefit chip owners quarterly.

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