Chimpion; A new era begins in E-commerce

For several years Cryptocurrency reception and basic blockchain innovation have been expanding day by day. Moreover, it has managed to see numerous new businesses that have the most power to use this amazing technology to disrupt many business models. This creative innovation is bent on changing almost all industries. Although blockchain has been seen as a financial technological development by numerous individuals, a study conducted by Deloitte has revealed that it is valid or valid in many decentralized currency forms, such as bitcoin and altcoins, seeking the strength of coordinating and using blockchain innovation in business ecosystems.

The global online e-commerce industry continues to charge a single type of development and is currently in the Amazon, Alibaba, etc. A multi-trillion dollar sector with a large number of giant names. it’s amazing in the world and shows how big the market is.

Chimpion offers vendors a simple yet advanced cryptocurrency payment system along with a solution background and custom e-commerce. With the most advanced technology of chimpion, traders can accept the payment of cryptocurrency over the internet and also open a well-designed e-commerce store. Another plus, traders were offered the opportunity to choose their chosen currency as the main currency for trading. With a special wallet and a well-structured program, Chimpion allows businesses to seamlessly connect to the digital commerce world.

This ensures that the chimpion ecosystem works with multiple crypto views, and that this situation is extremely adaptable. The ecosystem also consists of a built-in reliability reward system and a simple wallet. The platform filled the gap between Cryptocurrency and the computerized web-based business world.

The Chimpion project is trying to solve the most global problems related to the cryptocurrency and e-commerce economies. Basically, online sellers and offline sellers provide their customers with the minimum reward systems and limited services. Generally, these vendors have very little value for their customers. In general, because there is no investment in this sector, stores do not use charging systems. Many companies face difficulties because they do not want to lose their profits from the services offered during the creation of attractive rewards.

Token Details:

The platform has adopted a dual-icon system, each with its own self-use areas in the system. The name of the first token is the store showcase and the chimp, which provides power to the e-commerce ecosystem. This coin will also be the main currency in the Chimpion store and will include the exclusive clothing line with gift cards from major retailers and merchants in the Chimpion guide.
The second token on the chimpion platform is the banana token, which is the reward layer of the Chimpion ecosystem (Bnana). Using the chimp token, buyers will be able to buy goods from traders on the chimp platform. Bnana stands as a determining Commitment Award for the platform. Bnana token is already traded on Mercatox stock market

Coin Name:Banana Token


Total Supply:100,000,000,000

Circulating Supply:5,000,000,000

Token distribution:15,000,000,000



The chimpion platform has to simplify life by providing unique solutions to the latest technological achievements and by maintaining universal and proven methods to work seamlessly. This vision includes the creation of a next-generation auction and ad based on block chaining technology, where data decentralization significantly improves the security of stored data and guarantees only one version of the reality of the multi-node verification process. The chimpion platform aims to be a daily part of online payments and purchases.

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