CoinCasso; The New Generation Hybrid Exchange

The current blockchain model has become so efficient that many applications in use have become so easy. Blockchain technology utilizes the peer-to-peer network that everyone can join. This results in greater safety, higher speed, and greater transparency. Blockchain technology has brought significant changes to our lives and its use has made life much simpler and more flawless. For example, it has played an active role in increasing transparency and reducing fraud in the banking sector, and has also led to rapid financial transactions between peers that have further improved the sector. This results in greater safety, higher speed, and greater transparency.

The cryptocurrency is the financial system of blockchain technology, and these digital assets are derived from the cryptocurrency exchanges. There are currently around 4,000 cryptocurrencies in use and are easily traded and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges are a blockchain system where users can buy or sell coins or earn money from cryptocurrency trading. The proliferation of cryptocurrency exchanges helped to reduce the monopoly and exorbitant fees that most of the major cryptocurrency exchanges collected. However, the current model of these exchanges today is facing many problems and difficulties that prevent it from being accepted massively in the financial market. The most important of these issues are excessive transaction fees as well as high listing fees. Another problem is that most of the cryptocurrency exchanges do not support users to exchange cash for crypto money. Other problems include poor customer service support, slow operations, and liquidity. Coincasso is a brand-new exchange platform that solves all the above problems and rewards its users to be included in the further development of the platform.

Coincasso exchange has been developed to solve all problems affecting existing cryptocurrency exchanges. This is a hybrid exchange; that is, both the centralized exchanges (fast, liquidity and volume) and the characteristics of decentralized exchanges (users will have control over their assets). It also allows users to purchase multiple cryptocurrencies with the use of fiat. The platform has a very good and user-friendly interface that allows novice users to use it without any technical experience. CoinCasso has a very high level of security and a very sensitive customer service support system. The platform also provides the necessary support and logistics to ensure the smooth progress of the ICO process. Finally, platform users will be rewarded for their active participation in the platform to maintain the network.

Token Details:

There is a special token called CCX Tokens in the CoinCasso exchange. This CCX is an ERC20 token that works in one of the fastest blockchain networks of the token Ethereum blockchain. Owning CCX tokens has a lot to do with it, and they have the power to have a say in numerous decisions taken by the company, lower transaction fees, purchase goods, and services from the payment API, listing the most popular cryptocurrency tokens on the Exchange, and users profit from the company gain the right to obtain.

Token ticker: CCX

Platform: ERC20

Total supply: 100 million

Available for sale: 80,000,000 CCX (80%)

Starting public time: OCT 1, 2018

Ending time: DEC 30, 2019

Tokens sale max rate: 1 ETH ≈ 80 CCX, 1 BTC ≈ 2600 CCX

Acceptable Currency : BTC, ETH, LTC & MORE




I have no doubt that the CoinCasso platform will contribute to the growth of the crypto money market. It will bring a revolutionary transformation to the crypto exchanges. The main aim CoinCasso consists of solving the existing problems, as well as opportunities to interact with their audience, revealing her basic needs and desires. The best part is the community-oriented and community crypto exchange. It is noteworthy that the company has received more attention from the cryptocurrency license. CoinCasso wants to solve the most important problems in existing crypto exchanges and open a new page. If you want to be part of this revolution, join CoinCasso as soon as possible!

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