CryptoMarketAds: Innovative Approach To Online Markets

The emergence of blockchain technology and then the emergence of crypto money have shown how the digital world is ready for revolution. However, as with any new technology, the lack of standardization in the encryption field has led to the emergence of applications that have caused many fraud and fraud. These have negatively affected the success rate of new crypto projects and the widespread adoption of technology in the industry has diminished. As a result, many companies banned ads related to crypto projects in their networks.

CMA —  CryptoMarketAds — is a revolutionary approach for Krypto marketing and online market experiences. Blockchain has taken the core essence of technology to create a “democratic and decentralized crypto advertising and marketing area.” In simple terms, crypto is a single-stop platform for projects and project owners; bounty hunters, market players, and publishers are purchased together under one roof to provide unprecedented services to crypto projects. CMA offers investors and businesses a unique opportunity to start crypto projects in a safe and risk-free environment.

What is a CMA project?

In essence, CryptoMarketAds is an advertising platform that enables businesses to promote their crypto-based projects and get the services of industry professionals to succeed in their projects. It brings together crypto Publishers, bounty hunters, influxes and enthusiasts on a single platform to deliver the crypto service to project owners. Basically, CMA is a market where service providers and industry professionals can offer their services and expertise to their successful crypto projects and ICO. This will be supported by blockchain. The market uses CMA tokens as the primary value format and asset transfer. These CMA tokens will be available on all major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. CryptoMarketAds is not just a market place, it is the world’s leading one-stop shop for everything a crypto project needs.

CryptoMarketAds is creating value for other crypto-related projects in the online world. With the ICO platform, businesses and project owners will be able to collect resources for their next big ideas. The CMA decentralized market builder will help build a vibrant blockchain-based ecosystem that can facilitate asset and value transfer. However, the most critical point is the marketing and advertising that may be needed for a project to succeed. Crypto project owners can use CMA marketplace to purchase products and services related to crypto.

Token Details and ICO:

Token Supply: CMA

Token distribution: CMA

Hardcap: 50,000,000 USD

Accepted currency: ETH

Presale: 15th May 2019

Public sale: 12th June 2019


CryptoMarketAds was created by a team of professionals with a wide range of portfolios that combine their experience in IT, Design, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and communications, business and product development. Currently, CEO Olegs Martinuks, COO Artis Romanovskis, CTO Artur Babyuk, and CDO Artis Lutkovskis are led. They bring together decades of common experience to make cryptomarkets successful.


CMA is currently one of the best ICOs in 2019. Business owners and investors working in the crypto field have a unique opportunity to take part in the project. The entire CMA ecosystem will serve as a decentralized market for everything that a new crypto project might need, such as a strong e-commerce store and publisher’s advertising. CryptoMarketAds marketplaces are scheduled to be released for up to two weeks, the beta test version is already open. The CMA project recently received the second highest grade A1 by ICOTOP and took its place among the top three ICO projects. He received very positive reviews on Bitcointalk forums and is on his way to becoming one of the best ICOs in 2019. Don’t miss this investment opportunity.

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