VOLUM; Revolution of the beverages industry with blockchain

Blockchain is the basic technology behind digital assets (cryptocurrency). It is also a potentially breakthrough innovation in how data is created, shared and organized. Thanks to an unchanging accounting and consensus algorithm that ensures the integrity of the blockchain, it is possible to create a “reliable” type of information; a truly decentralized and transparent type. Blockchain became very popular in late 2017 and early 2018, where we all witnessed a variety of industries and industries to create a stronger innovation. Many companies and the Finacial industry have begun to use blockchain technology due to its various advantages.

The emergence of blockchain technology enabled many things such as the transfer of digital assets to a peer-to-peer basis without any tools, resulting in a cost-effective process. Furthermore, blockchain technology enabled the world of decentralization to become masters of users ‘ personal data. Another possible possibility of blockchain technology is the use of smart contracts. With all these facilities in blockchain technology, finance, sports, e-commerce and so on. He managed to disrupt this current period in the fields. Thus, thanks to the possibilities within the blockchain, a group of experts are aiming to create a capable blockchain platform. make a revolution in the industry logistics and supply chain. A platform is known as Volum.

VOLUM is a blockchain platform aiming to offer the logistics and supply chain industry which will include the alcoholic beverages industry, global energy market, etc with the needed solution to underlying issues.


In the supply chain industry, most platforms, industry or organization do not have the best plan to carry out their business, resulting in disappointing users or stakeholders. Another issue is, in addition to any income model, most of the applicable products and services. A clear overview of these issues will show that these platforms cannot be delivered because of the lack of the right team.

What is VOLUM?

Volum is a holding company that wants to take advantage of the huge potential associated with the structure of the holding company. In doing so, blockchain has decided to promote and develop volume on technology and take the technological route. This technology is no longer new since it is now widely seen in many sectors of the world, ranging from health, construction, real estate, business and many more. This holding company structure, when used appropriately, can be destructive in relation to which sector it operates. Some of the key benefits of holding companies and why volume is at risk by integrating Blockchain technology;

  • Risk Limitation
  • Tax Maximization
  • More control with less Capital
  • Liability Protection

Volum Holding was founded by Bengala Technologies, LLC and the international alcoholic beverage group (ISBG). It is worth remembering that these two companies are not new, but rather well established in various advanced energy and alcoholic beverage industries, respectively. These companies have passed the test of time and have experienced great growth in various industries. Such success is guaranteed by Volum. Alonzo Pierce, president and President of ISBG, is the founding partner of Volum with Arnaldo Dretres, the founder of Bengala Technologies. As you can see, the team is strong and equipped with experienced people in various areas.

Properties Of VOLUM

  1. With the aid of Ethereum blockchain, VOLUM will have its utility token which will power all services. At the same time with Ethereum smart contracts, VOLUM will be able to sign and execute contracts.
  2. With VOLUM team of experts, the platform will be able to offer companies organizational skills so as to serve their users well.
  3. Since VOLUM utilizes Ethereum blockchain it will be able to equip companies to Track, Route, Identify as well as Source data activities within their supply chain. In addition, with the immutable nature of the blockchain, all data will be saved on VOLUM platform thus being trusted and reliable.
  4. VOLUM platform will be created in such a way that it will operate as a central location of companies supply chain operations, thus making it possible for them to carry out various transactions. Through this way, VOLUM platform will make it possible for these companies to grow to a global market while having control of their supply chain operations.

Token Details:

Volum team and developers have decided to create a local icon that will allow users full access to the Volum platform. The VLM token serves as the auxiliary token of the Volum ecosystem and will be standard payment modes and other services offered in Volum. VLM was developed on smart contracts based on Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 and ERC-721. This is because the volume platform is a multi-sector enterprise and the platform is capable of handling a wide variety of trading types. VLM can serve as a utility for trading across multiple businesses with various product and service offerings.

Token : VLM
Type : Utility
PreICO Price : 1 VLM = 0.28 USD
Price : 1 VLM = 0.35 USD
Platform : Ethereum
Accepting : ETH
Tokens for sale : 236,800,000
Distributed in ICO : 74%
Soft cap : 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap : 74,600,000 USD
Country : Estonia
Whitelist/KYC : KYC
Restricted areas : USA, China



Volume based on blockchain, farmers, manufacturers, distributors, administrative institutions, tax authorities, financial institutions, IoT and EoT data collection, and storage, etc. will be able to create an ecosystem to meet their needs. The volume will be based only on the enterprise model from which services can be accessed by a local token.

For more information about the project please visit below links:

Website: https://volum.io/

Whitepaper: https://volum.io/wp-content/themes/volum/images/volum-whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Volum_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volumproject/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IoVolum

Medium: https://medium.com/@volummarketing

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